Attention Economy – the management of available information in today's digital, interconnected world, that views human attention as a scarce commodity

Brand Anthem – a bespoke composition for a brand, utilized in a variety of ways throughout brand iterations; a “theme song”

Experiential Soundscape – Expertly designed sonic content in large spaces that evoke or promote a range of emotional response

Foley – custom SFX, created in real-time, through choreographing action to picture

Original Composition – made to order, custom music

Product Integration – recording, sampling & processing of the client’s product, creatively integrated into custom music & sound

Signature Melody – typically a melodic extract from the Brand Anthem and/or Sonic Logo, rearranged throughout sonic brand iterations

Sound Design – using SFX to create a space, enhance an action in a visual scene, set a mood or feeling

Sonic Logo – a 3-5 second composition; a bite-size, sonic representation of the brand to help identify and differentiate the brand, as well as promote retention and recall in the Attention Economy