Setting the stage for longevity



• Provide a complete sonic strategy for this newly formed financial company.

• Compose Signature Melodies and a Sonic Logo with long-term flexibility.

• Fit a tight budget.

We were asked to provide OWRS with a voice that would speak directly to their target audience in a fun, lighthearted way.  Boomers who might be new to financal services should feel invited into a friendly network of advisers.


Working collaboratively with brand founders to arrive at the right Sonic Brand attributes, we designed the Signature Melody and Sonic Logo to follow an optimistic, upward path with a positive, light tone.

Rhythmically speaking, the Signature Melody represents the syllabic expression of the founders' initials: OWRS.

We incorporated a human voice in the Sonic Logo, to speak to the personal touch of their services.

Creating a flexible, modular score to accommodate varying scene lengths and future iterations, we helped them save money by avoiding long term, reoccurring licensing costs.


Working under the same physical roof as all production, post & animation personnel, Another Country Detroit could quickly adjust to editiorial changes and easily help direct pacing of the visual logo.

OWRS gathered all national executives for a preview gala hosted at our studios to celebrate the launch of the brand.

Currently in use in select Regional Broadcast & Internet markets throughout the country, OWRS' Sonic Identity speaks clearly on behalf of the brand from the beginning, with clear guidelines for growth and rearrangement.





The strategic creation of foundational sonic content provides clear rules for natural evolution.