The authentic sounds of the Mirage G4 at the touch of a screen



Working directly with both 180 LA and our internal interactive minds at Picnic New Media, we were entrusted with the design of an integrated sonic experience for the user interface sounds of this innovative, web-based, dual-screen game (phone & desktop).

In addition, we were able to provide in-game sound design, crafted from hours spent recording the Mirage G4.

With a soundtrack provided by LA artist, Nosaj Thing, our team designed sounds in the same key, allowing for seamless sonic cohesion.

All of the story concepting and 3D execution was handled by our Flavor cohorts and coding was generated internally through Picnic; needless to say, this was a deep project that was made much easier by handling all aspects of production in the same building.

UX SOUNDS / An example of the User Experience.