"The Sound of Precision" 



• Sonically define the "Sound of Precision" for GMC brand for the 2017 & 2018 Global Auto Show seasons

• Provide a cohesive, multi-channel sonic experience, specifically highlighting their newly updated, flagship vehicle, the GMC Yukon Denali

• Lead editorial pacing with sound, in order to achieve desired "see and say" moments of lockstep video sync

• Provide 20 minutes of connected sonic content

• Consider the audience; no fatiguing audio


With a variety of mallets and resonators, we "played" the Yukon Denali, recording it's distinct sonic characteristics, then sampled those sounds for our compositions. Integrated throughout all branded content, the Denali's sounds set the tone for all creative output, including the Anthem & Sonic Logo.

Designed for multi-speaker, multi-channel, experiential playback, "The Sound of Precision" was born directly from the product, thus providing our sonic score an exclusive authenticity.

Setting the emotional tone throughout the entire show floor, we extrapolated the melodic DNA of the Anthem to craft all complementary original music and sound design, while referencing the musical key to identify the most appropriate supplementary library music selections


It's not every day a client says to you that sound is the most important component of a production, so we jumped at the chance when our creative partners at Jack Morton Worldwide gave us that opportunity. Their trust in our process allowed audio to help guide the entire production in a cohesive manner.

The Run-of-Show's connective tissue was rooted in the evolution and reinterpretation of the Denali Anthem's core Signature Melody. Appearing in direct or abstracted forms throughout our soundscape and video content, all audio spoke directly for the brand.

10 minutes of branded, original music - including Anthem and Sonic Logo -  in conjunction with integrated library music, and 6 discreet, synchronized sonic "zones" help differentiate GMC on the show floors of the world's Auto Shows.

2017 NAIAS // GMC Show Floor

A synchronized, Experiential Soundscape designed to resonate with the score of all marquee videos.


GMC: Behind the Scenes // Case Study

GMC Yukon Denali Anthem: "The Sound of Precision"

3D Wall Transitions

"Accolades" Wall transitions

Full collaboration, an insane amount of knowledge in sound composition, and a creative approach that had everyone scared in the beginning - that was the recipe that transformed a film into an immersive experience
— Gary Baker // JMW Project Creative Director