Scoring The Ford Field Experience


Since 2014, Another Country Detroit has been providing Sonic Branding support for the Detroit Lions.

As sonic consultants we've helped them strengthen their Sonic Brand through the strategic use of sound and music, specifically for in-stadium, in-game experiences.

Working directly with our creative and editorial teams, as well as the Lions' in-house AV, we helped the organization develop a long-term sonic strategy.

As an added sonic experience, we designed an experiential “prowl” sequence, that plays throughout the stadium concourse for 2 hours before games.

With the implementation of the Lions' signature melody in 2014, the Player Intro and Kickoff videos have had a consistent tonal quality that is unique to the team.  With their Brand Anthem, "Never Easy", Sonic Logo and bespoke in-game SFX, the Lions' are differentiating themselves and raising the bar for NFL experiences.

Impulse Response Gathering // Ford Field

Using sweep tones to energize the stadium and microphones to record the acoustic results, we were able to map the sonic properties of the stadium. This process allows us to understand what sounds work best in the true playback environment, and then fully exploit those frequencies when developing our compositions. 


Monitoring the live, real-world sonic experience, we made adjustments and provided rolling deliveries to ensure sonic quality.

Together with Flavor, our design and animation team, we've been creating strong, branded content for The Detroit Lions since 2014.

Artist Partnerships:

"Heart of a lion so proud, all you need to know is, you can't stop me now!"

Connecting the artists and the team in early 2017, Slizzy McGuire's "Can't Stop Me Now" would first provide the soundtrack to The Lions' uniform reveal event, and eventually go on to become their official touchdown song for the 2017 & 2018 seasons.